Mūsų komanda ruošiasi dalyvavimui tarptautiniame renginyje Startup Monthly Vilnius
Mūsų komanda ruošiasi dalyvavimui tarptautiniame renginyje Startup Monthly Vilnius 2012 metų 13-15 dienomis.

Laimėjusi komanda turės galimybę 7 savaitėms išvykti į JAV Silicio slėnį, į verslo akseleratoriaus programą. 

Daugiau apie  Startup Monthly Vilnius:


  • Real entrepreneurship is about exchanging ideas, getting feedback and improving startups accordingly. At SMV, already established startups will get a unique chance in the Baltics to spend 3 days in a true Silicon Valley environment in order to make their ideas and startups more viable and more focused on international markets.
  • Your team is what matters most! If you have a fully formed team with business development, marketing, development and design (UI/UX) skills, you have to be here and get in front of us.  Ideas come and go – SMV is here to help you build great fundable teams who can pivot and execute ideas fast based on user needs.
  • A chance to meet and mingle with common minded entrepreneurs. SMV is taking a big step to encourage and introduce the spirit of Silicon Valley – it’s all about working together and helping each other. Success is our common goal!
  • Get relevant feedback from Silicon Valley and European mentors, who know what they are talking about.These people  have already made it to the top. It is a unique opportunity to chat with these guys, who get to see best startups from around the world every day – maybe you can impress them.
  • Get noticed by the local investors and you might just get an investment deal. SMV accelerator will hold it’s presence in Vilnius and we are here to help you in the future.
  • Best teams will get advice on how to improve their product/service, get user traction fast and fly to Silicon Valley all-expenses paid for a 5 week business acceleration program and a chance to raise an investment in the global final.

Individuals or Incomplete Teams

Have a great idea but no  team to execute it? Don’t know where to start? Feel like your knowledge in marketing, sales or business development could add real value to a startup?

  • SMV is an event for anybody who had an idea of doing their business crossing their mind. Business people, entrepreneurs, freelance marketers, designers and especially engineers, who still believe in an old fashioned way – do it alone.  We will introduce you to the way it’s done in Silicon Valley, where success is born every day. There is no secret to it; it’s all about building complete, fundable teams able to build products/services fast, present it to their users, sell it to clients, investors and future team members, make it better, improve it, get more users, create IP and sell some more, so on and so forth… 
  • Bring your best idea and share it with others.
  • Form new teams!
  • Talk to each other and join forces with like-minded people across the region.
  • Team up with people who can make your idea fly.
  • With the help of SMV moderators during Ice Breaker activities we will help you to get to know each other. Everyone will be introduced.
  • Newly formed teams will be introduced to fast paced business idea pitch development and will present in front of all SMV investors, mentors and moderators
  • Best teams will get a chance to build a prototype and fly to Silicon Valley for a 5 week business acceleration program and a chance to raise an investment.

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