Pradedame kurti iOS žaidimą vaikams Pet-a-Pet
Šiandien oficialiai pradedame kurti iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) žaidimą vaikams Pet-a-Pet. Padarius tyrimą su vaikais aptarėme idėjas ir nusprendėme galutinę žaidimo idėją. 

App Concept Description

The core idea of this app is that a child adopts a virtual pet, plays with it, feeds it, dresses it, completes levels, but in order to earn virtual money, the youngster has to play educational games.

Virtual money plays the leading role in terms of experiencing all the fun of having a virtual pet: every kid obviously wants what’s best for his/her little friend! Knowing a clear pattern how to earn virtual coins and where to spend it, kids will genuinely and excitedly immerse into the process of having a pet, i. e., using the app.

In short, the better one plays educational games, the more virtual money one gets, the more awesome pet and virtual goods he/she has.

Pet-a-Pet Logo
Pet-a-Pet Start Screen
PetaPet Game - Choose Your Pet
PetaPet Game - Choose Your Pet
PetaPet Game - Take Care of Your Pet
PetaPet Game - Dress Your Pet

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